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Remove defamatory, unwanted, negative, false results from the Internet

We can help you removing unwanted results from search engines like Google and Bing.

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Remove unwanted Articles or Blog posts

Nothing is more horrible than finding a negative news article on the first page of Google search when you ‘Google’ your name or company.

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Remove unwanted Videos or Images

Finding unwanted Images or videos online can be a big shock. We can help you.

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Remove false reviews

False negative reviews can have a big impact on a brand or company and can lead to a significant drop in sales and revenue.

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Remove Social Media Posts

Where every positive social media post takes you a step closer to your dream stature as a brand, every negative one can set you weeks, even months back in your effort

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Remove Mugshots

Mugshots have consequences for the person that can be far beyond imagination. Sooner or later you have to face the social and economic negative impact.

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Remove background check info

When certain background information is accessible it can have very negative consequences for finding a new job or renting a house. 

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Remove defamatory content

Finding your business has a bad search result is one of the owner’s worst nightmares. All your effort giving customers a good service seems waisted with unwanted and negative blog posts, wrong reviews or bad comments.
What you want is to remove them and make things right. We can help you with this. Using strategies and techniques from the online reputation management we can remove unwanted results from search engines, and make defamatory content go away. 


“Thank you so much Online Removal Experts for removing the image. I wish I would have contacted you guys earlier.”

“Online Removal Experts are really experts at what they do. Communication was exceptional. They immediately understood what had to be done. It honestly changed my life. I can recommend them to everybody.”

Removing some content takes a long time. They were honest about this at the start. I tried others that claim they can remove something in an hour or so, but this isn’t true. It only cost me a lot of money. Still, I almost had given up, but they kept me motivated. And the reward at the end was almost unbelievable. Gone where the harassment and misinformation. Go on with the excellent work, and thanks to your fantastic team.

“Our company was targeted by a competitor (anonymously) that had given us some bad fake reviews. Online Removal Experts were able to help us with this. We want to thank you for your amazing job.”

“For almost five years, I was struggling with sensitive information from an online article. I was unable to remove it, and it was hurting my carrier.
I contacted Online Removal Expert, and they were able to remove it in a matter of weeks. You guys saved my life!”

“Online Removal Experts where amazing. They quickly removed more content than they said they would. I can really recommend them.”

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