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It’s a common practice by employers, coworkers, landlords, and even your friends and neighbors to run background checks.

There are many websites where the private and personal information of anyone with a criminal record, no matter for a minor or heinous offense, is available.

These websites make money by giving access to your criminal record to anyone with a computer or smartphone.

Whether your record is expunged or sealed at the courthouse, these companies still report that information because they received it before the case was expunged or sealed.

The suggestion to their customers not to use the information for employment or housing decisions is mere rhetoric; obviously, people who access the information on these sites do this to make decisions about who to hire, who to fire, who to rent to, who to date, and much more.

Your reputation

The situation is not only embarrassing for the person whose background info is accessible, but it might have much worse consequences for their life. Finding a job can become near impossible; having a house on rent can be equally stupendous.

Even people often lose a potential partner just by the resultant prejudice of a negative result of a background check.

Do not panic

If you are facing a similar situation where your past is the biggest hurdle in the way of your future. You are exhausted from being repeatedly denied the job you like or tired of finding a decent house on rent. You are furious at the lingering prejudice attached to your personality only because some money-making websites have made your past information accessible to almost anyone. You have come to the right place.

We are here to help you resolve the matter and restore your reputation.

We successfully helped hundreds of companies and individuals

“Onlineremovalexpert” has successfully helped hundreds of companies and individuals by removing the negative online content proving detrimental to their hard-earned reputation. We use our unique content removal strategy to an immediate effect whereby the negative content no longer ranks high on Google, and all that visitors see is only positive and promotional content.

Thus, our service works two-fold, i.e., repairs the reputation by removing negative content and thereby boosts the reputation by enabling the positive content to rank high on search engines. So, Enjoy The ‘Clean’ Life With US!!!

What People Are Saying

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