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Nothing is more horrible than finding a negative news article on the first page of a Google search when you ‘Google’ your name or company.

It takes years for an individual or a company to build up a positive reputation, whereas it takes a few days for one negative article or blog post to undo the efforts of those years.

Adding fuel to the fire, negative content usually ends on the first page. There are several reasons for this misfortune. The more clicks a link gets, the higher it will rank in search results.

When your name or company is searched in Google, people are likelier to click on the negative article or post as it intrigues them.

As the number of clicks increases, so does the likelihood of the article ranking higher on Google. Google’s algorithm interprets more clicks as a sign of the increasing importance of the negative news article.

Your reputation

Another major reason the negative articles rank high is that Google trusts higher domains. These negative articles usually appear in such ‘trustworthy’ domains, so they find their place on the first page.

We, by nature, are much more intrigued by negativity than positivity, perhaps because conspiracies and different viewpoints appeal to us more. A negative news article or blog post is much more likely to go ‘viral’.

The more it is shared, the Google algorithm signals that it is of great value to others. The outcome – we see the negative article or post topping the list on the search engine.

Do not panic

If you’re facing similar circumstances where your company’s online reputation is seriously endangered by negative articles or blog posts, and such negative content ranks highly on Google search, it might be a big reason to worry but don’t panic.

We are here to help you resolve the matter and restore your reputation.

We successfully helped hundreds of companies and individuals

“Onlineremovalexpert” has successfully helped hundreds of companies and individuals by removing the negative online content proving detrimental to their hard-earned reputation. We use our unique content removal strategy to an immediate effect whereby the negative content no longer ranks high on Google, and all that visitors see is only positive and promotional content.

Thus, our service works two-fold, i.e., repairs the reputation by removing negative content and thereby boosts the reputation by enabling the positive content to rank high on search engines.

What People Are Saying

For almost five years, I was struggling with sensitive information from an online article. I was unable to remove it, and it was hurting my carrier.
I contacted Online Removal Expert, and they were able to remove it in a matter of weeks. You guys saved my life!
Our company was targeted by a competitor (anonymously) that had given us some bad fake reviews. Online Removal Experts were able to help us with this. We want to thank you for your amazing job.


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