Ask Google My Business To Remove Review. What the pros say

Have you ever received a negative or spam review on your Google My Business listing and wondered how to remove it? Don’t worry; we have the right solution for you. In this discussion, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to ask Google My Business to remove such reviews, helping you maintain a positive online reputation.

Ask google my business to remove reviews:

First, to request the removal of a review on Google My Business, ensure the review violates Google’s content policy. Then, flag the inappropriate review by signing into your GMB account, clicking the “Reviews” tab, and choosing “Flag as inappropriate” for the specific review. If unsuccessful, contact Google support directly and provide the necessary information. Note that removal is not guaranteed, as Google makes the final decision.

Has your business been affected by a negative review on Google My Business? You’re not alone! Read on to learn more about this crucial process and turn the tables in your favor.


What You Need to Know About Removing Reviews on Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a crucial platform for businesses to gain online visibility, improve trust with potential customers, and drive website traffic. One critical aspect of GMB is the reviews section, where customers can share their experiences and opinions about a specific business.

Positive feedback can significantly impact a company’s reputation and lead to increased sales. However, negative reviews can have the opposite effect, potentially causing a decline in business and a damaged reputation.

That’s why it’s essential to know how to handle reviews and, in some cases, request the removal of inappropriate or harmful feedback.

– Understanding Google’s Content Policy

Before attempting to remove a review, it’s essential to understand the guidelines outlined by Google regarding review content. Google’s content policy specifies that reviews must not contain:

  • Spam, fake content, or off-topic information
  • Hate speech, discrimination, or offensive language
  • Personal attacks or private/confidential information
  • Irrelevant external links or self-promotion
  • Restricted or illegal content

If you identify a review that violates these policies, you have grounds to request its removal.

– Flagging Inappropriate Reviews on Google My Business

Before contacting Google, the first step is flagging the inappropriate review as a GMB user. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Sign in to your Google My Business account.
  2. Click on the “Reviews” tab in the main menu.
  3. Identify the inappropriate review and click on the three vertical dots to the right of it.
  4. Click “Flag as inappropriate” and follow the steps provided.

It’s important to note that flagging a review does not guarantee its removal. Google will review your request, and if the flagged review violates their content policy, they may remove it. However, if Google determines that it does not break the guidelines, the review will remain published.

– Contacting Google Support to Remove a Review

If flagging the review is unsuccessful, another option is to contact Google support directly. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google My Business account.
  2. Click on the “Reviews” tab in the main menu.
  3. Click on the “Support” button in the top right corner.
  4. Select “Contact Us” from the dropdown menu.
  5. Choose a contact method (phone, email, or chat) and provide the required information about the review you want to be removed, including the URL and the reasons why it violates Google’s content policy.

Keep in mind that, like flagging, contacting Google support to remove a review is not a guaranteed solution. Google will consider your request, investigate the situation, and make a final decision based on their findings.

– Responding to Reviews While Awaiting Removal

While waiting for Google to respond to your removal request, it’s essential to consider addressing the review, especially if it contains false or damaging claims.

Responding professionally and addressing the concerns raised in the feedback can demonstrate to potential customers that you are attentive and proactive in maintaining a positive customer experience. In some cases, a well-crafted response may even change the reviewer’s opinion and result in an updated, more favorable review.

– Preventing Negative Reviews on Google My Business

Although you cannot prevent users from leaving negative reviews, you can take action to minimize their frequency and impact. Some highly recommended strategies include:

  • Actively seeking and encouraging positive reviews from satisfied customers
  • Monitoring your GMB account regularly to address issues and respond to feedback promptly
  • Ensuring the highest standard of customer service and making a conscious effort to address and learn from past mistakes
  • Be responsive to customers, listen to their feedback, and take necessary actions to improve your products and services

In conclusion, removing reviews on Google My Business can be a complicated process. Understanding Google’s content policy, flagging inappropriate reviews, contacting Google support, and responding to feedback while awaiting removal are all essential steps that businesses should take to maintain their online reputation.

Remember, prevention is better than cure. By ensuring the highest standard of customer service and actively encouraging positive feedback, you can create a strong online presence and build trust with potential customers.

Seeking Removal of a Google Review: Is it Possible?

Having negative Google reviews can be detrimental to a business’s online reputation, leading many people to wonder if there’s a way to remove harmful comments.

Understanding Google’s Review Policy

To determine if a review can be removed, it’s essential to understand Google’s content policies for reviews. Google does not manually intervene in the review process, but they provide a clear set of guidelines as to what is and isn’t allowed.

According to Google, reviews will be removed if they violate the Google review policies or Google’s content policies. These policies prohibit several types of content, including:

  • Spam
  • Off-topic content
  • Restricted content (such as medical advice)
  • Illegal content
  • Terroristic content
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Offensive content
  • Content that infringes on someone’s legal rights (such as defamation)
  • Impersonation
  • Confidential information
  • Fake content

Identifying Policy Violations in Reviews

Before requesting the removal of a review, it’s crucial to determine if the content violates Google’s review policies. While personal feelings about negative comments might make them seem offensive, not all negative reviews are grounds for removal.

Moreover, Google does not remove reviews based on the reviewer’s opinion or because the business owner disagrees with it.

For a review to be considered for removal, there must be a clear violation of Google’s content policies. Carefully review the policy guidelines mentioned above and analyze the review in question to identify if it breaches any rules.

Flagging Inappropriate Reviews

If a review is found to be violating Google’s content policies, the next step is to flag the review as inappropriate. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google My Business account.
  2. Locate the review in question under the “Reviews” section of your dashboard.
  3. Click on the three vertical dots next to the review.
  4. Select “Flag as inappropriate.”

After flagging the review, Google will review the content to determine if it violates its policies. In some cases, Google may take a few days to address the flagged review.

Keep in mind that this process may not always result in the removal of the review, as Google carefully assesses each case and may determine that the content does not violate its policies.

Responding to Reviews

While waiting for Google to review the flagged content, it’s essential to respond professionally to the review in question. This shows other potential customers that you genuinely care about their feedback and are taking steps to address the issue.

Respond to the review calmly and respectfully, and avoid engaging in an argument with the reviewer.

Additionally, make an effort to increase the number of positive reviews on your Google Business listing. Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews to help drown out any negative feedback and improve your overall rating.


Although it is possible to request the removal of a Google review if it violates the platform’s content policies, it’s vital to understand that not all negative reviews can be removed. Business owners should flag inappropriate reviews according to Google’s guidelines and respond professionally to negative feedback.

Prioritizing excellent customer service and encouraging positive reviews will significantly help maintain a strong online reputation.

Eliminating Negative Reviews on Google My Business

A negative review on your Google My Business listing can significantly impact your reputation and, consequently, your business performance. The process of removing such reviews, however, isn’t as straightforward as one may hope.

Assess the Validity of the Review

1. Determine If It Violates Google’s Policy

Before taking any action, it is crucial to evaluate whether the negative review violates Google’s content policy. Reviews that break these guidelines include spam, fake content, offensive language, or personal attacks.

2. Check for Authenticity

Ensure the reviewer was a genuine customer by cross-referencing their name, email address, or other identifiable information with your internal records. Be aware that competitors or disgruntled individuals may sometimes leave fake reviews to harm your business’s reputation.

Request a Review Removal

If the negative review violates Google’s policy or is fake, follow these steps to request removal:

1. Log in to Your Google My Business Account

Sign in to your Google My Business account using your registered email address and password.

2. Locate the Review

Navigate to the “Reviews” tab on your Google My Business dashboard. Locate the unwanted review and click on the three vertical dots on the right-hand side of the review.

3. Flag the Review

Select “Flag as inappropriate” from the dropdown menu. This action will notify Google of the issue and prompt the review for evaluation.

4. Provide Additional Information

To expedite the removal process and strengthen your case, provide Google with supporting information, such as screenshots or email correspondence, to demonstrate that the review is illegitimate.

5. Follow up with Google Support

The review removal process may take several days. If you haven’t heard back from Google within a week, reach out to Google My Business support to follow up on your removal request.

Responding to Legitimate Reviews

Not all negative reviews are in violation of Google’s content policy or are fake. In these cases, it’s essential to engage with the unhappy customer professionally and constructively.

1. Reply in a Timely Manner

Respond to the review promptly, showing your commitment to addressing customer concerns and resolving any issues.

2. Be Polite and Professional

Ensure your response is free of aggressive or defensive language. Maintain a courteous and empathetic tone that reflects well on your business.

3. Offer a Solution

Propose a solution to the reviewer’s issue, such as a refund or a replacement, and invite them to discuss the matter further offline through email or phone.

4. Encourage Them to Update Their Review

Once the issue is resolved, politely ask the customer to update their initial review, either to share their positive experience or to remove their negative review.

Receiving Assistance from Google Support

If your efforts to remove or address the negative review haven’t yielded satisfactory results, you can seek help from Google My Business support. Google offers assistance through email, live chat, and phone for registered Google My Business account holders.

In Conclusion

While the process of removing a bad review from your Google My Business listing can be challenging, the key to success lies in accurate assessment, prompt action, and constructive engagement with your customers. Always strive to adhere to professional conduct and seek assistance from Google Support when needed.

Reputation management is an ongoing process, and maintaining a positive presence online will have a profound impact on your business success.

Can Businesses Pay Google for Negative Review Removal?

If youre a business owner, you know that online reviews can have a significant impact on your reputation and the success of your company. Among these platforms, Google is particularly influential, and negative reviews posted on Google can deter prospective customers.

Consequently, many businesses may wonder: can a business pay Google to remove bad reviews?

The short answer is no, but it is important to understand the reasoning behind this answer and the available mechanisms for combating negative reviews.

Google’s Stance on Reviews and Their Policies

Google’s primary concern for its users is offering an authentic and unbiased platform. This means that they aim to provide accurate and honest information, enabled through transparency in reviews.

Allowing businesses to remove or alter consumer reviews would defeat the purpose of maintaining a reliable platform and would ultimately undermine user trust in Google.

To ensure the integrity of its review system, Google has implemented strict policies for both reviewers and businesses. They take violations seriously, and any attempt to manipulate ratings and reviews will result in repercussions such as being delisted from Google search results.

Flagging and Reporting Violative Content

While you cannot pay Google to remove a negative review, the platform provides mechanisms for business owners to address and resolve issues arising from negative feedback promptly. There are cases where reviews might violate Google’s content policies, and in such instances, it is possible to flag the review for removal.

I recommend taking the following steps to report policy-violative content on Google:

  1. Sign in to your Google My Business account.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Reviews’ section and locate the review in question.
  3. Click on the three-dot menu beside the review and select ‘Flag as inappropriate.’

Upon flagging the review, Google will assess it according to its content policies. If the review is deemed to violate these policies, it will be removed.

Responding to Negative Reviews

Addressing negative reviews professionally and constructively can be an effective way of mitigating their impact. Prospective customers will appreciate the business owner’s commitment to customer satisfaction and how they handle criticism.

Here are a few steps for responding to negative reviews:

  1. Stay calm and composed – It’s natural to feel upset about negative feedback, but it’s essential to approach it professionally and avoid getting overly emotional or defensive in your response.
  2. Acknowledge the customer’s concerns – Show empathy and understanding towards the customer’s experience; this will demonstrate that you care about their issue.
  3. Offer solutions – Identity how the problem can be resolved and, if possible, offer concrete solutions to make things right for the customer.

Proactively Encouraging Positive Reviews

The impact of negative reviews can be diminished by having a strong collection of positive reviews. I recommend adopting proactive strategies to encourage satisfied customers to leave positive feedback on Google:

  1. Ask for reviews – Directly asking customers to post a review is often the most effective approach. You can ask in person, through email, or even on social media.
  2. Make it easy to leave reviews – Provide clear instructions on where and how to leave reviews for your business so it’s a hassle-free process for your customers.
  3. Engage with your customers – Maintain an active presence on your Google My Business page, engage with reviewers, and respond to their feedback. This will create goodwill and encourage further engagement.

Improving Your Business Through Customer Feedback

Although receiving negative reviews can be disheartening, embracing them as constructive feedback can significantly benefit your business. Analyzing customer opinions and addressing underlying issues can help improve your products or services, ultimately leading to increased overall customer satisfaction.

It’s crucial to remember that while a business cannot pay Google to remove bad reviews, there are several strategies available to address negative feedback and maintain a strong online reputation.

By flagging inappropriate content, responding to negative reviews, encouraging positive feedback, and leveraging reviews for improvement, you can take control of your business’s online presence and succeed in the world of customer reviews.

Reaching Out to Google for Business Listing Removal

Removing a business from Google search results or Google Maps is essential for businesses that have closed down or have incorrect information.

Determine If the Business Qualifies for Removal

Before contacting Google, it’s essential to determine if the business meets specific criteria for removal. Google will generally remove a business under the following circumstances:

  • The business is permanently closed
  • The business never existed at the reported location
  • The listing contains incorrect information, such as a wrong phone number, address, or website

In cases where a business has incorrect information but is still operational, it’s recommended to claim the listing and update the details instead of requesting the removal.

Contact Google via Google My Business

Google My Business is the platform used by businesses to manage their presence on Google Maps and search results. If you are the owner or manager of the business to be removed, begin by signing in to your Google My Business account.

– Report Closure or Incorrect Information within Google My Business

  1. Locate the business listing within your account dashboard
  2. Click on the business name to manage its information
  3. Select “Info” from the left-hand menu
  4. To mark the business as permanently closed, click on “Add attribute” and choose “Permanently closed.”
  5. Update any incorrect information by clicking on the corresponding field and making any necessary changes
  6. Click “Save” to submit changes and notify Google of the updated information

– Requesting Business Removal as the Owner

If the business never existed at the location or you wish to remove the listing from Google entirely, you must contact Google My Business support directly.

  1. Visit the Google My Business Help Center
  2. Click on “Get Help” or “Contact Us” in the top right corner
  3. Choose “Need more help?”
  4. Select “Ownership, location edits, and closures.”
  5. Click “Remove a location.”
  6. Click “Contact Us” to see available contact options, including chat, email, and phone support.

Contact Google to Report a Business If You Are Not the Owner

In cases where you’re not the owner of the business but wish to report an error or closure, follow these steps:

– Google Maps

  1. Open Google Maps
  2. Search for the business
  3. Click on the business name in the search results
  4. Scroll down and click “Suggest an edit.”
  5. Choose “Remove this place” or edit specific information as needed
  6. Submit the changes with an explanation and any relevant evidence (e.g., photos showing the business closed)

– Google Search

  1. Search for the business on Google
  2. Find the business listing on the right side of the search results
  3. Click “Suggest an edit.”
  4. Follow the same steps as outlined for Google Maps to edit or remove the business.

Keep in mind that changes may not be immediate, as Google typically reviews edits or removal requests to maintain accurate information.

Monitor and Manage the Business Listing

As the owner or manager, it’s essential to keep an eye on your business listing after requesting removal or submitting edits. Occasionally, changes may not take effect, or Google may request additional information.

If this happens, respond promptly and provide any requested documentation (e.g., proof of the business’s closure or confirming the new address).

In conclusion, contacting Google to remove a business or correct information is achievable through Google My Business or by reporting the issue as a general user. The key is ensuring the business meets the criteria for removal and providing accurate information while submitting the request.

By regularly monitoring the listing and addressing any discrepancies, businesses can maintain an accurate and up-to-date presence on Google.

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